F & N Bail Bond - Ste Genevieve, MO 

Bail Bonds and Fugitive Recovery near Ste Genevieve, Missouri 

Our team of expert bondsmen here at F & N Bail Bond will travel to visit clients and to re-arrest people in their role as bounty hunters. The company is licensed by the state of Missouri, and we cover a wide area including the nearby city of Ste Genevieve.

Over the years we have become known as the number one bail bond agency in the area, offering a range of services at highly affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent customer service.

Among the services we offer are posting bail bonds – or surety bonds – for people who have been arrested and are in jail; bounty hunting or fugitive recovery; process serving of documents such as divorce papers; and warrant checking.

Unlike most of our competitors, we make paying for our services a lot easier by the fact we allow clients to adopt a payment plan. This is almost unheard of in the business, and it means we are the most affordable and competitive bail bond agency in the area.

When a defendant is arrested, it usually takes between two and three hours for one of our bondsmen to post a bond. If the accused fails to show up for a court date, then we can re-arrest that person. The fee paid to the bondsman is not refundable after the case is over, regardless of the outcome.

We offer bounty hunting services in cases where defendants skip court appearances. The judge will send us a letter forfeiting the bail of the individual, and we will then go in search of the person in a bid to make an arrest.

If you live in or near Ste Genevieve and you find yourself in need of a first class bondsman service, then make sure we are the first port of call. Call F & N Bail Bond at (636) 789-1187 right away.