F & N Bail Bond Services 

Bounty Hunting and Process Serving in Festus, Missouri 

At F & N Bail Bond, the services we offer are everything you would expect from a professional and experienced bail bond agency. If you have been arrested, then you should call us and we will provide a surety bond on your behalf. We charge reasonable rates and, unlike most of our competitors, we operate a payment plan. So it is an affordable way to get out of jail. Once we have posted the bond, you are responsible and accountable to us until the case is over. You are expected to check in weekly, stay out of trouble, and comply with all bail conditions.

Process serving – or the serving of court papers such as divorce documents – is another service we offer. If a person refuses to accept the documents, we can serve them to anyone else in the house as long as they are 18 or over. We also offer a bounty hunting service and have more than 15 years of experience in tracking down and re-arresting people who have failed to show up for their court appearances.

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